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I Shot The Sheriff

8 thoughts on “ I Shot The Sheriff

  1. "I Shot the Sheriff" is a song written by Bob Marley. The song was first released on The Wailers' album Burnin'. Eric Clapton recorded a cover version that was included on his album, Ocean sculbulseattlilasetdesugoononpoetran.coinfo is the most successful version of the song, peaking at #1 on the Billboard Hot , becoming Clapton's only chart-topping hit in the U.S.
  2. For listeners craving just a touch of reggae with their rock, Clapton's "I Shot The Sheriff" hit the sweet spot. Clapton was not the last white artist to top the chart with a reggae song: Blondie did it in with " The Tide Is High," originally recorded by the Jamaican group The Paragons.
  3. Apr 26,  · I say; Gm I shot the sheriff, Cm Gm But I swear it was in self-defence. (Yeah!) [Verse 3] Eb Dm7 Gm Freedom came my way one day, Eb Dm7 Gm And I started, out of town, yeah! Eb Dm7 Gm All of a sudden I saw Sheriff John Brown, Eb Dm7 Gm Aiming to shoot me down, Eb Dm7 Gm So I shot, I shot, I shot him down. And I say.
  4. I Shot The Sheriff It was the first Halloween I was allowed to go trick or treating without my brother. I was going with a number of my school friends and one of their mother's so mom thought it would be ok. Andy had a new part-time job after school and couldn't get off until late. He blamed himself for everything that happened. I was excited to go trick or treating with my.
  5. ”I Shot the Sheriff” was a career saver for Clapton his first big solo hit and his first #1 hit of any kind. Long a critical favorite, Clapton was now a commercial favorite, too, and all the more impressively doing so with music that satisfied both audiences. At a time when Bob Marley’s reggae purity was still too unconventional for.
  6. I Shot the Sheriff Lyrics: I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy / I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy / All around in my home town / They're trying to track me down.
  7. I shot the sheriff, but I swear it was in self-defense I shot the sheriff, and they say it is a capital offense Sheriff John Brown always hated me For what I don't know Every time that I plant a seed He said, "Kill it before it grows" He said, "Kill it before it grows" I say I shot the sheriff, but I swear it was in self-defense.
  8. Patrick from Tallapoosa, Ga When Dekalb County, GA sheriff-elect Derwin Brown was shot outside of his home December 15, , and after Sidney Dorsey, who was the former sheriff, was found guilty of the murder, a local radio station did a parody of this song, replacing "John Brown" with "Derwin Brown".

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